The post on Instagram featuring blackface. Blackface is more than just painting one’s skin darker. It is cultural appropriation.

Please do educate yourself on why this post is invoking backlash by the people. This post features blackface (make-up used by a non-black performer playing a black role). This is extremely offensive to the black community because it evokes a demeaning and a racist history.

Although the exact moment when blackface originated isn’t known, it became increasingly popular in the 18th century when theatrical productions became a common form of entertainment in the West. White performers darkened their skin and put on ragged clothing to mimic the enslaved Africans, depicting black people as idle, inferior, and grotesque. These performances were intended to be funny for the white people but it was extremely disgraceful to the black community.

Now addressing the team behind this campaign – The most humane thing (even though there shouldn’t be a decision to take in the first place but your team’s ignorance says otherwise) do at this point would be to delete this post, educate the whole team on this issue, and apologize to the black community for your ignorance.

 Update: It’s been 4 days since this post has been up. There are hundreds of comments below the post explaining why this post is offensive, yet their ignorance stops them from acknowledging their mistake let alone deleting and apologising for it. This post should be reported for cultural appropriation and profiting off racism. 




Revoking article 370 (which grants J&K autonomy over the internal administration of the state) and exerting more control on the Muslim majority occupied Kashmir was always the key part of Modi’s agenda. Now with the Indian PM curbing the court’s judicial independence to overturn this agenda, this standoff was inevitable and more likely to get worse.

Unfortunately the today’s international conscience is only awakened when massive international attention is brought through outbreaks of large scale demonstrations and trending posts like the picture of the poor Syrian boy, covered in blood and mud which drew attention, sympathy and created awareness of the humanitarian crisis in the making. 

Though US agreed to be a mediator for the 2 countries to talk and negotiate but no persistent effort and pressure was put into this. Once the international authorities are aroused, India will have to address the problem by stopping their atrocities and undertaking negotiations to put an end to the crisis and move towards a resolution and this could only be achieved if constant awareness is spread by talking about it across different platforms of the media. 




The attack against the Muslims in New Zealand cannot be claimed as a solitary perturbed act by the suspect. The kind of Islamophobia that is eliciting such outbreaks of killings goes deep beyond some group of mad-mans with guns adopting radicalisation. Every time an individual or group is swept up in extremism; the idea of Islamophobia and how Muslims are a threat to their “white” society is promoted which are justified with such horrid accusations of how Muslims are the invaders who are intent on replacing the white majority in the West. Its a whole thread that goes throughout the world which must be confronted.

No religion promotes or tolerates any form of violence. We should not be calling out the name of the person behind such atrocious attack, condemning him for his behaviour because that is exactly the kind of attention such terrorists want. What we should do is immediately take actions to tighten our weakened gun laws to prevent outbreaking of such terrorist attacks. 

Sending prayers,love, and condolences to all the people in New Zealand who were affected by this act of terrorism. 


Reality in Blue

Blue is the color of the sky, where you see millions of enthralling celestial bodies.

Blue is the color of the blanket embracing a newborn boy.

Blue is the color of a blueberry that contains sweet tangy juice.

Blue is the color seen as a sign of stability.

Blue is the color of a beaming ocean, a sight for sore eyes and mind to relax.

Blue is the color that encompasses a magical world under the sea.

Blue is the color of the rivers, the purer the water the deeper the shade of blue.

Blue is the color of your veins, built with pieces of stardust that keep you alive.

Such a happy shade, yet we label sadness ‘feeling blue’ when the beauty of the world exists so much in the color blue.



(metanoia (n.) the journey of changing one’s mind, heart, self, or way of life.)

As the world slept through the nights,
there was one soul who stood awake
just to espy the fainting trail of the lights illuminating the void sky
as if it was meant for her to seek solace in the darkness succumbing her.
The unquenchable soul-searching part of her had this perfervid desire to go on this quest to seek for it,
but fearing the unknown was what extinguished this burning desire.
Then one day the lights flickered and evanesced completely.

The day when her worst fear was realized.
Exigency to fill that empty space inside of her,
she let go of her fears and embarked on the quest,
and let me tell you this journey was not for the faint hearts.

Travelling on what seemed like a never ending journey,
with a foreboding feeling in her heart,
unknowing about the next set of circumstances,
battling her grotesque demons and overcoming her trepidation; she finally reached her destination.
Awe-struck with the stream of blinding lights illuminating the place and the radiant smiles greeting her;
she knew that she was in the right place.
For the first time she didn’t feel lonely in a big crowd of people.
She was content and thankful because for the first time she felt at home.



Thinking about those halcyon days of January, sitting on those ice-cold benches when the weather was freezing,

sipping on warm coffee, and laughing the night away with our comical talks and prank calls.

And now it all seems like a forsaken dream gone too fast, an exhilarating one though.

Recalling those sleepless nights, working,

Long walks that made us panting,

Endeavoring to win a trophy

But failed to,making our hearts shrink.

Nonetheless, the blissful memories are not to be forsaken like

swaying to the rhythm of the deafening beats of the music at the concert,

dancing on the sidewalks,

singing on top of our lungs,

snapchatting all our joyous moments, 

sand creaming out of exhilaration on the rides at Joyland.

Our hearts swelling, feeling as if it would burst, with huge grins plastered on our face.

Lost in these fun-filled fantasies then time became the antagonist of this indelible journey.

It all came soon to an end.

Now I understand the phrase ‘all good things must come to an end.’


Rectifying Perfections

She put up a facade
and feigned a forced smile.
Walked around like everything was alright,
but nobody knew the battle with her demons every day.
If someone did they’d realize just how messed up and imperfect she was.

Always pressurized by the society to be the perfect girl,
for no Princess is flawed.
She aspired to be that perfect girl,
not realizing that these aspirations are destructing her pure self, succumbing her into darkness, and battering her soul.
But who cares when as long as it meets the expectation of the society.

That very same society who judges people for being fake;
the society who couldn’t care less about anyone but their own self.

That very same girl almost gave up her life to achieving something she never wanted, but she failed.
Now the society condemns her for committing an atrocious act,
accusing her of just seeking attention, and calling her weak.

Alas, the girl let go of the concept of Perfection
as she realized it’s a big misconception.
Nobody is perfect,
and darling you don’t need to be too.
Embrace your flaws, build the courage to be the real you,
and the right people will be with you.
This girl had learned the hard way,
and don’t let anyone say
“Then you will never be good enough”
for even a diamond is found rough.